Little Leather Library Series

Constructed from vintage volumes of the Little Leather Library – miniature copies of classic literature published between 1916 and 1923. Dolls are approximately 9″ high.

From 1916 to 1923, the Little Leather Library Corporation published miniature books of literary classics. The books measured approximately 3”x4” and eventually included over a hundred titles. The books were first distributed as free premiums in Whitman’s Chocolate Boxes, and later were sold through the mail and in department stores such as Woolworth’s. Ultimately over 25 million little books were sold. Books in good condition are considered collectable today.

The volumes used in the Little Leather Library Doll series were not in good shape! I discovered about a dozen in a plastic bag in a back corner of my favorite consignment shop last summer. They became the first set of dolls – made as gifts for my co-workers at the Jamestown Philomenian Library. Since then I have found more books on EBay being sold “as is” – in most cases, covers that are ok and pages that are disintegrating.  Perfect for repurposing!

Dolls shown in the Project Gallery are a combination of those that have already found new homes and those that are still for sale.  Please check the Purple Tree Shop to see the dolls that are available for purchase.

Special orders may be possible, limited by available materials and book titles (see the list). Customization can include choice of book, colors used, and embellishments to personalize the doll. If you are interested in a customized doll please email:

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