In the Studio

Workflow, techniques and glimpses “behind the curtain.”

Waiting for the Armistice was included in the Spark in the Dark show at the Deblois Gallery (Newport, RI) in September 2018.

As is often the case, I was drawn to an old photograph before I knew how I would use it.

The Original Photograph

Who is this girl? What is she contemplating? I saw her as waiting for something to happen in her life. Eventually her story merged with my studies of World War I.

Workflow: The first step was to mask out parts of the background so that she was the lone subject. Color was added and a new sky was inserted. I photographed several groups of toys soldiers and added them in. Her new dress was made from photographs of my wedding dress (hung outside in a brisk wind!) and then fitted onto her using a variety of masks and blending modes. The dirigible and poppies were taken from stock images and recolored. A final color adjustment helped to unify the various layers.

The work for this piece was started in Photoshop Elements. However, I have switched to Affinity Photo for composite work and the final adjustments were done using that program.