Welcome to Purple Tree Studio

Judy Kinzel

When I was a kid, story-telling was a basic part of life:  stories from books, stories that my grandfather made up, stories that my brother, cousins and I created “in the round” – each of us adding to the plot in turn.  History was interesting only because it was full of stories about people, and family history was full of adventure and romance. (There was the old woman who came to America from Scotland with her three sons in the 1700s and walked across the country until settling in Alabama.  There was the great grandfather who was taken prisoner after the siege in Vicksburg. There was my mother’s journey from the South to Rhode Island to survive “the snowiest winter in years” to be with her new husband.)

I began collecting vintage photos about thirty years ago.  They now fill most of a large closet in the guest room. Each one holds multiple stories begging to be told. And that’s what underlies a lot of the work coming out of the studio.

On this site I’ll be sharing photos of various projects and thoughts about the process of creating. I hope you enjoy the stories!