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Summoning the Ancient Goddess of War

A day during the war in Ukraine.  An older woman angrily confronts a Russian soldier. She forces a package of sunflower seeds on him and issues a curse: “Take these seeds and put them in your pocket, so at least sunflowers [Ukrainian national flower] will grow when you all lie down here.”

I have read that the presence of the Ancient Goddess is still quite evident in that part of the world.  She has been forgotten or prettified in the modern world. Here in the west, we can still find the remnants of her story in the old Welsh and Irish tales.  There the Triple Goddess also had a triple aspect specific to war: The Morrigan – Morrigu (Death),  Badb (Confusion), and Nemain (Frenzy and Havoc).  

That Goddess showed her face to the world in Ukraine during an encounter between a woman and a soldier.  

I find myself with a mix of feelings.  I can admire the bravery of the woman and sense the fear of the soldier. I can relate to the rage that summoned that ancient, powerful energy and still fear what it may mean to have brought it out into the world.

Sorting through my feelings lead to the creation of a digital composite. 

I hope never to have to invoke her.  Should I have to, I hope she will manifest.

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