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Rag Tag Emmas: The Guardian of the Chakras

Just over a year ago, my friend Casey Weibust and I tossed around ideas about combining dolls and books. That first casual conversation has turned into a new project for me (and an obsession): Rag Tag Emmas. So called since the dolls are made from bits and pieces and (according to the Urban Thesaurus) “Emma” is slang for “cool librarian!” I’ll be posting the “back story” for each doll in a series of posts.

Starting with The Guardian of the Chakras

The Guardian is 16 inches high on a five inch by five inch base. The body is formed from an old Edison phonograph cylinder, covered with Japanese yuzen paper. Other materials include vintage curtain tacks, ribbon, beads and hand crocheted lace. The lace was made by my grandmother, Stella Baxter.

The “book” for this doll is a set of six individual scrolls and one mini-book (1″ x 1 1/2″ closed; 1′ x 8 1/4″ open). They are contained in a vintage holder (one source says for poker chips, another says for spools of thread). Each scroll and the book has a mantra related to a specific chakra.

  • Red: I am stable, strong and at peace
  • Orange: Creativity is flowing through me. I am the creator of my reality.
  • Yellow: I am worthy of pursuing my passion and purpose.
  • Green: I am love. I give love. I am open to love.
  • Blue: I am in alignment with my truth. I speak with clarity and intention.
  • Indigo: I am in connection with my spirit and I trust my intuition.
  • Violet: I am one with the divine. I honor the divine within and around me.

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