Caption Contest!


I’ve been developing the artwork for several 2018 calendars as I prepare for the holiday season arts/crafts shows.  One will focus on a group of vintage photos I found at a yard sale that show an office party from the 1950s.  And I’m stuck!  I need a caption for one of them and I know I can depend on the followers of this blog to help!

The calendar title is “Work Makes Me Crazy.”  Here are a few of the finished photos to give you an idea of the way the theme plays out.


And here’s the photo in need of a caption:

You can send your suggestions via the comments section below (you may be asked for an email, but it will not show up publicly).  Or if you prefer a more private submission, you can private message me on the Purple Tree Studio Facebook page. Caption that makes me laugh most wins. (Yes, very subjective!)  Winner will receive a free copy of the completed calendar.  Please send your suggestions no later than October 28th.  (And feel free to share this with others if you’re not afraid of the competition!)

11 thoughts on “Caption Contest!

  1. Another thought Judy from Sandol. I would prefer my name not be used if you use the quote. Thanks Judy

    Clint was in the middle of explaining how his idea of a “bungee cord” would change America as we know it.

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    1. Absolutely. Glad to protect your privacy. Would you like me to remove your comments from this part of the website as well? I could just list your wonderful captions anonymously. Thanks for the great lines!


  2. Judy, I saw an interesting idea on “pinterest”, a book made from a white leather glove for the cover and then just plain white paper for the pages. You may have seen this before. The title is “The White Book”. Sandol


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