What’s Next?


During the past few weeks of holiday making-frenzy, I’ve looked forward to having time to work on some projects that had to be put on hold.  Now the Holiday Arts Market is over, Christmas gifts have been made and delivered, and there is nothing pressing on the “to do” list.  I have time for the studio!   It will come as no surprise to those of you who create that my mind went totally dull and empty as soon as I sat down at the workbench.  Not a creative thought, cell or neuron to be found.

Having experienced this in the past, I did have a back-up plan.  A favorite magazine  (Digital Photo) regularly offers Photoshop tutorials and fun downloads.  I’d been looking forward to trying out their “ice reflection” effect.  So I pulled out a photo I’d taken in the yard and got busy.  Sometimes this kind of play helps build a new skill, often it is relaxing and serves to get me past the Editing Committee that lurks in my brain.  And once in a while, something unexpected is created. This time brought some of all three, and a finished piece – “On the River.”   I think I’m ready to head back to the studio.

So what’s next?

  •   The mini-book “The Adventures of Clara the Traveling Chicken” was well received at the Holiday Show, and several friends have asked when she’ll be on the road again.  Do I hear the 1950’s calling?


  •   I’ve been working on a found book project for several months that I’d like to get back to.  The original book is a beautifully bound program for a “summit dinner” that I found at a yard sale.  It begins with a few lines from The Real World by Noble Prize winning poet Wislawa Szymborska.  For some reason, it has become entwined in my mind with a glass negative photo in my collection and calls for beautiful paper and interesting structures.

Camping negative

  • I am determined to perfect the secret Belgian binding.  I’ve made a few books using this binding, but have not been totally pleased with them, so back to the studio and more practice.
  •   And…there are several “family history” books that are at various stages and need work.

Time to get busy!

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