I returned home from a brief trip, fired up the computer and… internet connection. During the hours it took to resolve the problem, I brooded over my dependence on being wired. It was tempting, at least briefly, to angrily embrace a Luddite perspective about the “good old days” before electronics. I was certainly “wired” though my computer was not!

Now I’m back online and glad to be!  One of the things I would miss without the internet would be the ability to learn about and from wonderful artists around the world.  So I’ll devote this belated post to four who I find to be especially inspiring.

Alisa Golden.  I first found her work in paper/book format as I began to explore techniques for creating handmade books.  She also has a wonderful blog and is still one of my “go to” artists for book design.

Jane Long.  It was thrilling to discover her Dancing with Costica series and know that I was not alone in re-visioning old photos.  Finding her wonderful tutorials, especially on creating skin color/tones was an amazing bonus.

Erik Johansson.  His manipulated photographs are created with an extraordinary attention to detail, photographic technique and story-telling. His “behind the scenes” videos are as fascinating as they are instructive.

Peter Dahmen.  He is both a brilliant paper designer and generous teacher, sharing many pop-up and folded designs online.  The MoMA Store has recently added three of his holiday designs to their catalog.

I hope you enjoy exploring the work of these artists.  Please share your own favorites in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “Wired!

  1. Thank you for listing these inspirational artists. I am familiar with Long and Johansson, but not Golden or Dahmen. I see their influences in your work. My own work is frustratingly slow, although the computer has sped up the design process. The Luddites destroyed mechanical looms. As a hand weaver, does that make me a true Luddite?

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