Sewing? Me?

I never liked sewing. It was a skill that always seemed beyond me. Take Jr. High Home Ec, for example. In 1960 home ec was still just for girls. While boys got to play with tools in shop, girls learned how to cook and sew. I don’t really remember the classes on cooking – except for the time we learned how to make cinnamon rolls with biscuit dough. I still like those. But sewing seemed to go on forever. And I was terrible at it. Never could get bobbins to load correctly or sew a steady straight line. I did finish making a white A-line skirt at some point, but I think someone else did most of the work. Years later, my husband bought a sewing machine and I tried again. I finished two simple pieces but my family begged me to quit – the cursing and carrying on didn’t seem worth the creations. And yet… Now I sit for hours happily sewing book bindings, contemplating color and stitch combinations, learning new ways to join signatures. And I get to use tools sometimes too (drills, hammers, xacto blades – maybe saws in the near future). OK, there is still some cursing the first time through a new pattern, but by the third book it becomes meditative, and there is a lot of peacefulness in looking at the finished product – even when the stitches aren’t totally straight. Don’t expect to see any skirts coming out of the studio, but do watch for more books with sewn bindings!

Book bindings

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